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IDimager Photo Supreme 5

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Do you have a digital camera? Then thousands of pictures will soon be on your computer, and if you find that one you are looking for it will be a chore. But Photo Supreme can change that. Whether you have 1,000 or 500,000 photos in your archive, integrated photo cataloging and photo management features Supremes Photos will help you find and work quickly with the pictures you want. Very powerful, but easy to use

Photo Supreme was developed from the beginning with ease of use as the main focus. We are able to connect most of the features requested by our user base to a clean, yet powerful, user interface.

Photo Supreme comes with every important feature of image management you need to bring structure to your photo archive. Set catalog labels, import pictures to your computer, search functions, and more Once you’ve cataloged your pictures, you can find in seconds a picture that you need to see, duplicate, email, share, upload to your favorite photo page , upload to your FTP server, or edit in your favorite photo editor.

Combine it with your favorite gadgets

Photo Supreme joins your favorite photo editing tool. After installation, it will automatically find and add the most commonly used picture editing tools to the user interface

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