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Welcome to our Innovative Tele-health Allergy and Asthma Center

Online Video Consultation with Dr Shahid Abbas Innovative REALTIME HEALTH CARE with VIDEO-CONFERENCING

Consultation fee: 2000

Appointment Timing: 10 Am to 4Pm (Monday to Saturday)
Consultation Timing: 11 Am to 2Pm (Monday to Saturday)


Consultation Charges to be deposited via jazz cash account on Given No: 03315041604 Transaction Id to be send on Clinic WhatsApp no 03315041604 After that Patient will call on reception to confirm his/her deposited fee and Consultation time with Dr Shahid Abbas Video link and details will be sent on patient’s WhatsApp No or via email If Patient wants to come Clinic and consult Dr Shahid Abbas online. Patient will pay his /her charges on reception and reception staff will arrange the Video consultation with Dr Shahid Abbas.

Advantages of Telehealth

How can telemedicine benefit me during Corona Virus Pandemic?
Telehealth has been shown to overcome barriers to health services caused by distance between patient and provider, access to reliable transportation, fragmentation of care due to gaps in time between appointments, and lack of available providers. It is more helpful during CORONA VIRUS pandemic where there are lots of hassles due to social distancing, personal protection measures and transport problems.

Patients don’t have to travel long distances for diagnosis and treatment of their allergic diseases, and we are helping the patients in Pakistan and in Dubai with amazing results. With this innovative technology patient sitting in their homes can have consultation with Dr. Shahid and feel as if they are having conventional consultation.

Telemedicine improves quality of Medical Care
It is established that Telemedicine improves quality of care for patients and recent studies have shown that with Telehealth/telemedicine patients had:
• 31% fewer hospital re-admissions
• 63% more likely to spend fewer days in the hospital
• Were more engaged in their healthcare

Telemedicine reduces Healthcare Costs
Telemedicine can increase efficiency of care delivery, reduce expenses of caring for patients or travel long distances and save money and can even keep patients out of the hospital.
Telemedicine improves patient engagement and satisfaction. Telemedicine makes it easier and more convenient for patients to stay healthy and engaged in their health care. Patients love the convenience, flexibility and real-time care with their providers.

Where can Telemedicine be provided?
Telemedicine can be provided to a patient at home or work, or at another clinic or hospital. Now with mobile devices, the patient can be anywhere with access to the internet

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