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Games are a great tool that resembles the iPad interface on your Windows. You’re a serious iPad fanatic. Here’s your chance to make your Windows PC look awesome (({{‘Review App) iPad -page-Desktop’);}); The iPadian is made up of a dashboard with several functions: two widgets for Facebook, a search bar, a dock with public apps and a collection of icons for other applications. This includes popular apps like YouTube and Instagram and games like Angry Time. When you open an application on iPadian, a browser window opens where it appears. On the right you will find another list of applications that you can click on as a shortcut. For example, while browsing you can see your Facebook wall or Wikipedia search. This means that the program is not installed directly on your computer as it opens when you click on a webpage. For some users, this may affect the iPad experience. For others, iPadian is a unique way to visit fans of specific web applications. It is now possible to convert Windows interface to operating system with iPadian.

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