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Kaspersky Internet Security x86-x64 download torrent

Kaspersky Internet Security

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Kaspersky Internet Security Trusted uploader

Kaspersky Internet Security is an advanced security solution for your computer. It offers excellent antivirus, firewall and anti-phishing. New design, Ransomware protection and enhanced Security enhancements are some of the best new features.

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Kaspersky Internet Security uses the same interface and scanning mechanism as Kaspersky Anti-Virus, which provides excellent real-time protection against attacks by viruses, worms and malware. Even when searching, it identifies and blocks access to infected sites.

Kaspersky Internet Security includes a self-defense mechanism that can block strange behavior files that are useful for preventing the detection of potential malware in the database.

The new version of Kaspersky also offers additional protection against Ransomware, including features to prevent the camera from activating the camera remotely from malware. It also adds new levels of protection to Wi-Fi networks, alerting you to potential network security issues.

Combined with a powerful engine, the suite offers easy firewall configuration, spam filters, ad blocking, game profiles, parental controls, and a virtual keyboard to securely enter personal information (useful transactions or prevent keylogger hiding).

KIS also offers Money Safe, an add-on that lets you trade safely and securely online. The Kaspersky Internet Security Tool section also includes a security toolkit for the system:

Vulnerability scan: Identifies the system or error of the third-party application installed. Lets you quickly fix all issues.

Kaspersky Disk Rescue: Creates a CD or USB flash drive with a motor.

Windows Troubleshoot: Scan your system and correct any problems that may occur due to malware.

Privacy Cleanup: Clean up unwanted system files (cookies, cache, logs, etc.).

Browser Configuration: Analyzes Internet Explorer settings and suggests security key optimizations (this tool only supports IE).

Cloud protection: Provides real-time protection against new threats and real-time reputation information from any site you visit.

Network Monitor: Analyzes traffic data, shows ports and active connections, and other information about network activity.

Application control: Displays real-time data about CPU, RAM and hard disk usage. Monitor the software activities installed on your computer, showing its reputation and allowing you to intervene, if necessary, to enforce restrictions on its use.

Finally, KIS introduces new features that can automatically upgrade your product to the latest design version.

The new design is dedicated to the needs and makes the interface cleaner and easier to use.

The home screen shows your computer’s security status and provides easy access to key areas, including scans, updates, secure money, and parental controls. Additional tools are available through the Show Additional Tools button.

Basic configuration Kaspersky Internet Security works best for most users. Power users can intervene in the Settings menu (almost invisible to the interface) to set the wall as a wall for their PC

Kaspersky Internet Security combines one of the most reliable security featuresapartments on the market. New designs encourage usability, especially for inexperienced users. The virus scanner engine is one of the best in its class, and its wide range of advanced features make it highly needed by advanced users.

KIS uses less features than the previous release, but the value is still high, so it’s best to use it on a computer with relatively good hardware. Finally, it’s a great and powerful package, which provides a high level of protection for your computer.

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