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Free Software to Change Keyboard Layout Not satisfied with your computer’s keyboard layout? KeyTweak is free software that allows you to remap your keyboard. If you change them and want to change them again, you can restore all assignments with one click. You can also disable buttons, enable others, and save your redefinition with just a few (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}). What is KeyTweak? For efficient users, there is nothing like allowing the keyboard keys to be mapped correctly for your needs. KeyTweak allows you to change the behavior of the keyboard when you press the keys. After using KeyTweak, your keys will produce the keystroke you select. KeyTweak is useful for people who work with alternative keyboard layouts, eg. Eg B. with a computer in another country. You may also need to customize the keyboard for a specific computer game or application that you are using. KeyTweak is a small and lightweight tool (less than 500 KB) developed by Travis Krumsick. The program is available on computers with Windows Vista. It is also compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 7. Although KeyTweak is no longer developed or supported, it also works on Windows 10 computers. KeyTweak is not available for Mac computers. Alternatives to KeyTweak include Sharpkeys, Autohotkey, Google Input Tools for PC and On-Screen Keyboard Portable. How do I install KeyTweak? Downloading KeyTweak from Softonic is easy and safe. Run the sex installation and follow the instructions on the screen, including accepting the license agreement. Then go to the Start menu and find the KeyTweak submenu. You can also find a manual and the uninstaller here. To start the application, click on the KeyTweak entry in the KeyTweak menu. Using KeyTweak When you open KeyTweak, an image of a keyboard appears in the main window along with a menu bar, a section on mapping, a section for keyboard controls, a section for special keys, a section for pending changes, and buttons for toggle between “Full” and Half “You can also access the KeyTweak manual from the help menu here. Please note that the assigned keyboard is not specific to your keyboard, but universal. Below the menu bar at the top of the window, the Remap section contains a list of buttons and buttons that are currently being redesigned. and you can use to reset the default settings and display the raw map. You can then use the keyboard keys to select the new redistribution for a selected key. This is done using a drop-down menu and a redistribute button. The special buttons on the right of the window allow you to remap to the some (not all) special keys on keyboard, tea X. B. Movie playback controls. In the lower right corner, the Pending Changes box displays all the changes that will take effect the next time you restart your computer. Use the buttons for full / half lesson mode at the bottom of the window to switch between the two respective teaching modes. At first glance, KeyTweak may seem difficult, but the complete manual contains step-by-step instructions. Select thevirtual keyboard key you want to redo. It corresponds to a key on your own keyboard and has its own number. When you click the virtual key it displays its current task in the Keyboard Controls section. Now navigate to the Select New Reassignment drop-down menu to select the new mapping for this key. Click on the redistribution keys and this redistribution will appear in the Pending Changes section. All changes that you make with KeyTweak must be restarted to take effect. Click the Apply button to apply the change. The program allows you to restart your computer immediately. You can also stop the remapping by clicking the Clear All button. You can repeat this process for any number of keys, define new assignments, or disable the function of a key. After rebooting, your keyboard will be mapped as defined when using the program. We found that KeyTweak is primarily useful for redefining individual keys and troubleshooting minor keyboard issues, rather than changing the entire keyboard behavior. Remember that the changes you make in KeyTweak are global, so they affect all users on a device. Full learning is an alternative method of remapping selected buttons. Clicking the Full Teach Mode button will open a new window. After clicking Start Learning Mode, you can select a key on your actual manual keyboard for one location (# 1) and a second key for another location (# 2) and then assign number 1 to number 2 again. . We did not find the Half Teach mode particularly useful as it is basically the same method as the standard method for remapping keys. Does KeyTweak have any restrictions? Although it is an effective program for changing the way the keyboard works, KeyTweak has some limitations. KeyTweak cannot combine keys, so it cannot assign Ctrl-Alt-Del to a single keystroke, for example. It also can’t affect laptop function keys or pause / pause button. Some users may also find it frustrating that not all keyboard special keys are a free key mapping program. There are many reasons why you might want to change the way your keyboard behaves. You can accidentally press the wrong button on your new laptop. Or you may need to redefine a keyboard to run a program or play a specific game. KeyTweak can help you with this in a simple and effective way, despite some limitations. KeyTweak is even useful if the keyboard is broken and some of the keys have stopped working. This is a free program that provides a simple solution to remapping keyboard input signals in a way that exactly suits your needs.

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