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Microsoft Publisher 2013

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Microsoft Publisher 2013 is a desktop editor that comes with Microsoft Office 2013. Designed for beginners, the program offers easy access to a variety of editing tools. You can design publications such as cards, magazines, menus, and posters. This free trial will ask you to sign in to your Microsoft account.

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Fabric where you can download and drag multiple images. With this update, you can now easily edit images by dragging and dropping an old new one.

This operation uses clearly visible icons and pink highlighting, which makes it easy to avoid random transitions. Another handy new feature is the “Use in background” command. Right-click an image to fill or reduce an image on the entire screen.

Compared to the 2010 version, the program is better integrated with other Office programs. The program even includes tools, thumbnails, and shapes that can be found in Word and PowerPoint. The other most useful tool in Office 2013 is the ability to click on images from multiple sites, such as Flickr or Facebook.

You can even search for these sites, local images, and clip art in a dialog box. Many clip art is already available, and if you have an additional tool to find more photos online, finding the right one is even faster. The only drawback is that you cannot access new web images when you detach them.


The interface is more fluid and very easy to understand. Most commands can be controlled by the toolbar, the corresponding shortcuts or the editing menus displayed with the right click. The biggest design improvement is the addition of the right Scratch Area column, which contains all of the images.

Unlike the 2010 version, the images are no longer simply placed on canvas. Instead, you can simply drag and drop images from scratch and from the fabric, giving you more control over the final version.


The layout is clean and avoids unused space or clutter. The program usually runs quickly, even if you add a lot of large, detailed images. You can still edit clip art for previously downloaded sites and other sites, even when you’re offline. Once connected, your work is automatically saved in the cloud.


Microsoft Publisher 2013 is a powerful tool for creating multiple publications and publications. The ability to quickly take photos from photos and other sites makes it easier to find the right photo. A new scratch area is a welcome addition to all of these photos. This experience will give you an overview of some great upgrades to Microsoft Publisher 2013.

Microsoft Publisher 2013 supports the following import formats: PUB, TXT, MHT, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOX, WPD, WPS


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