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Importance of Nutritional Medicine

Nutrition is a word so worn out it has become grossly misunderstood and under-appreciated. Everyone talks about it, many promote it, yet very few understand it!

Nutrition begins with the selection of foods and supplements from high quality sources.

Why? Because most nutrients are lost or altered by economically-based methods of farming, processing, and preparation. Nutrition must be in the appropriate package when it enters the body at the cellular level. Unless nutrients are in the proper form they cannot be assimilated and the body must treat them as toxins which are either eliminated or stored in fat.

To support our health, we need a strong and powerful immune system built from these sources of high quality nutrition. Problem is, we seldom get the raw, basic materials needed and the body resorts to emergency systems to keep going. These finally give out and the defenses of the body go down leaving us with hundreds of little things that have gone wrong.

It’s Vital to Understand the Importance of Nutritional Medicine

Until people are educated and motivated enough to eat high quality foods and supplements the body can recognize and use, we will continue to see an increase of illness and disease in America.

Preventing disease is your job. This is all about clean food, clean water, clean air, and finding a good nutritional physician. It is your job to keep you healthy.

Albert Einstein said, “The problems that are created at one level of thinking cannot be solved at the same level.”

This is why we need a physician who is well-versed in nutritional supplementation and physiology– a guide – to help us map our tripguide us along the way, and when we make a wrong turn, get us back on course.

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