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Presonus Notion 6

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Even if there are simple chord templates for your songs, you can save them while playing songs, saving you time and money. Now all musicians know that your focus is on songwriting. You can hire someone to write your pages, but there are many software programs that can help you customize it, and everyone can get expert results when you’re at home or in the office. Some apps are free, which of course is great. If you do something from more basic projects, you will quickly realize that you need more development.

After the simple idea and start-up configuration, you will be able to create different ways of entering information, which will be displayed in your final form. Can you start with the note values? and select other values ​​by toggling between them in the palette, then pasting them on the page. You can also use the midi tool in real time or slowly. The idea even offers an interactive key, a keyboard and an entry. There is a collection of chords or you can easily create your own chords to name chords or sounds. In general, it’s easy to choose between standard chord symbols and chord symbols, no one prohibits you from creating your own logo and graphics. Empty templates are available for all popular logo types.

One of the reasons the idea integrates so well with the hardware is that it is already integrated into a recording with the PreSonus Studio Mixer software. Although the concept has its own powerful mixing capabilities, you can send sounds, tips, songs, VSTs, and results data directly between apps. If you’ve ever thought of musical notes, you can now use this app to think about improving your workflow.

Developer: PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.

License: ShareWare

The French language

Size: 45 MB

Operating system: Windows 7+

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