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Prototype 2

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The best evolution of PrototypePrototype 2 is much better than we expected. It has a strong storyline and an engaging main character, but in addition, the game has been refined in every way, making this boxing game even harder. Example 2 is a great game by Sgt James Heller, a soldier with the power to move an image. The Killer virus spreads in New York, kills your family and leaves you with nothing but life to kill the people you blame for their deaths – Alex Mercer, first character ({) {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’); }); New York Zero Prototype 2 is divided into zones, depending on the level of virus infection. There is a lush green for survival, shallow yellow and full of sandy city where the virus can be found and red where the virus is saturated. You will complete missions in all of these areas, meeting Alex Mercer. Utilizing others, Sergeant James Heller can consider their personalities and learn their strengths – this is what makes Prototype 2 so exciting – flying, climbing and flying around big cities and varied and never-ending battles. As the challenge grows, you need better techniques and more variety to defeat the enemies and bosses you’ll encounter. The hostile mix is ​​also interesting as you try to manipulate and capture different people’s faces from other people’s perspectives. Your options are growing, such as turning the military into a biological one, and don’t forget that Model 2 is 18 rated games! The waitress is a responsible character, with the most fun and casual humor of all time. games. Prototype sound 2 is generally very good, with good sound effects. There is also a nice touch to the photo. New York looks great, and it’s full of life and details that make it an inspiring environment. The helicopters and tanks on Prototype 2 look great, especially since you shoot them! Overall, Model 2 is a huge improvement over its attractiveness. In some missions, there is more time, but in general, entertainment has learned from the mistakes. This is one of the funniest chests in the last box, complete with interesting character stories, interesting characters and some interesting images. He lost.

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