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Raft is a first-person survival video game where you can experience the dangers and thrills of an ocean adventure. Raft was developed by RedBeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games and has players and online multiplayer modes. This time your virtual life has been discovered at sea and you must collect, create and fight for safety in an ever turbulent environment.

Keep moving on. The video game Survival is a subgenre of the action genre. They are always in hostile environments, often with open-world exploration, which requires you to start with just a few things and think quickly about how you can save your life. Sometimes subgenres mingle with others as horror, which is common in zombie apocalypse games. You’ll often find survival games that show real life, such as getting stuck in a dangerous forest or falling; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The basic elements are mostly too. You can interact with most of what you can see and collect valuable resources to help you survive any situation. On this front, the Raft is no different and with its settings in the vast waters of the world, you need all your intelligence to follow the ocean. The raft is called an epic ocean adventure and has a classic survival encounter that you must go through. You get stuck in a small float in the middle of the sea, using only an old plastic hook as a tool. You should use it to continually reach various debris that flows beyond you as there is no other source of material you can access;

From floating wood to plastic bottles, everything can benefit you. The more you navigate, the more your inventory grows. And of course, you can have the opportunity to create and build the valuable tools, goods, and structures you need to enhance your thin raft. You’ll finally find mysterious islands and floating boats and explore and collect more;

In addition, Raft contains a story that lets you look for clues about what happened to the world and other people. However, the best of Raft is that you can also work with friends online instead of playing alone. With dangerous weather and aggressive animals like sharks, it’s easy to make someone look at the very wide ocean. There are many multiplayer survival games out there that tend to perform poorly because of their player base. But Raft excels at this because he promotes friendship and teamwork rather than competition to see who will last longer in the water world. Your open exploration encourages you to be brave and discover the unknown. So if you are a fan of this survival game, this is a highly recommended title to try with friends.

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