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Road Rash torrent

Road Rash

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Fast cycle (function () {(‘overview-application-page-desktop’);}); Road Rash is a competition game from Electronic Arts, which contains street racing bikes with fights against other riders and the police. During the 90s, six different gates were released on gaming platforms. This version is a PC port that at the time offered realistic graphics. It has a simple racing mechanism, when the bike is held on a horizontal axis, while the turn is made by moving left or right. Physics affects how a bike moves on sharp turns, slopes, hills and rough terrain so that players can use the terrain to ride long distances or hit by mistake. Every runner, including one player, has an endurance bar and loss of endurance causes abrasion. Players can injure competing pilots, but they must avoid hitting obstacles or attacks. They can steal weapons by hitting or hitting opponents on horseback, some of them with seams, chains, clubs, cobs, nunchaku and trumpets. The police are also trying to catch the delayed runners. Whoever is stopped by the police will be defeated and the race will be over for them. By completing the competitions, players can buy an upgrade or a new motorcycle.

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