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Sadak 2 2020

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The film picks up where Sadak stops, revolves around a journey with a young girl who is an important character in the main character’s life and a reason for survival.
Author Mahesh Bhatt:
Pushpdeep Bhardvaj (additional dialogue), Mahesh Bhatt | Aaria Desai is on a mission to uncover the false Godman Gian Prakash, who she says is also responsible for Arie’s death. Nandini’s stepmother and the Gian Prakash gang, from whom she leads tours and trips to work, hallucinates and is trapped in an asylum. Poo’s wife, who is dead and wants to commit, comes to Ravi to hire a taxi and take him to the Kailash Mountains, she ignores him at first but decides to help after discovering his story. Vishala’s friend from Aria accompanies them on the way, but Ravi is suspicious and senses Pooja’s inner feelings and hallucinations that he must help Aria do what he is doing to expose Gian Prakash.

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