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ScreenHunter Pro 7 Torrent

ScreenHunter Pro 7

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ScreenHunter Pro 7 Trusted uploader

ScreenHunter 7 is an award-winning solution for capturing, publishing, editing and recording all-in-one videos. Its still solution saves time and increases productivity. Also with web pages for car navigation, car capture, webcam and screen capture. It conveys what you see as an image even while recording. It has an easy to use interface. All functions are displayed on 4 easy-to-use tabs, so anyone from beginners to professionals can use ScreenHunter 7. The process is simple, the settings are easy to manage, and the results are impossible. Strong and smart, ScreenHunter has established itself as an unrivaled supporter of your business.

The application supports full screen shooting up to 6K for most monitors and records 4K video for one monitor. Supports a frame rate of up to 100 frames per second.

Using DirectX allows ScreenHunter 7 to stream professional-quality videos. It is a complete tool for recording movies and online courses.

In addition, ScreenHunter 7 captures and records windows that are closed by another window, or even windows reduced. One for direct or scheduled recording and recording.

Additionally, you can display the webcam at any time to insert as you like.

ScreenHunter Pro 7 is the latest version with all the tools necessary to meet your screen capture needs. Its still solution saves time and increases productivity. With this tool, you can capture screenshots with images or PDFs, see the benefits of many time-saving services at once, and provide high quality screenshots. Additionally, it offers a simple user interface and advanced conversion for a more immersive experience.

Capture functions

Rectangular area

Adjustable rectangle

Object / window

Scroll automatically

Lots of things


Active window

Fixed location (user defined)

Dedicated window (hanging window)

Full screen

DOS software

DirectX / Screensaver

Movies / videos

For free

Circle (ellipses)

Circular area


Network capture

Analyzes images

Additional features

Mouse indicator

Lots of researchers

Transparent window

Autotext (date / time labels, note)



Time features

Delay in delight

Automatic shooting on time

Automated automated planning

Frequent hobbies

View and edit functions

Edit images, add text definitions

High quality image processing

Improve high quality, reduce crop size

Check 100 image conversions

Drag the leaked photos from the desktop

Features of recovery

Remember this directly and save the file

Printing board

Send email automatically

Automatic bet

Save in small file

JPEG, GIF and PNG optimized

High quality transparent GIF

Save to TIFF

Other features

Select screen

System tray


Simple hot keys

Lots of hot keys

Direct printing

Wysiwyg edition

Developer support

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