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Security Screensaver

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The security screen saver may seem very familiar. Exactly: This is a version of the Microsoft screensaver used by all other antivirus programs. The problem with Microsoft Security Essentials is that it never seems like the right time for a full system scan. You are always busy with something else and you need all the computers that feed it. For the security screen saver, this problem is gone because it scans the system when the computer is turned on (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The screen saver works like a regular screen saver, taking control of the monitor every time you do not use the computer for a certain period of time. The active screen saver updates the antivirus signature file and starts the entire system. The screen saver contains two different executable files: one that displays the program logos while working in the background, and the other that displays nothing more than a simple black screen. You can select the one you want and set it as the default screen saver by right-clicking the file and selecting Install. On the other hand, there is no preview function in the screen saver settings window – the screen saver is a simple screen saver that also protects the system by updating the screen saver. Microsoft Security Essentials database and by analyzing the system.

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