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SHAZAM is a well-known mobile application which allows you to discover what the song through your phone in place while playing a song playing. It is now available for Windows 8 Shazam mobile version is mainly used to identify specific songs that while you are on the road, Shazam for Windows 8 is better used as a way to get even more information on the music download. Buy your spore, but also look at music videos and concerts of YouTube. Users can learn to read the lyrics or the album reviews, and biographies of the artists with ease on Shazem as (function () {(‘ overview-App-page-desktop ‘);}); There is also a social element for Shazam. You your music taches on Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter and other social for Windows 8 is also good design makes use of the touch screen. You click on a button to the numbers on the right side of the interface, which is convenient. It will not always get a game for lesser known songs and general public information song artists, Shazam is a valid application to add to your modern Windows 8 UI.

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