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Simple Cutting Software X 2020 Ducky Torrent Download

Simple Cutting Software X 2020

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Simple Cutting Software X is a simple and practical program designed to help you maximize the use of materials, whether wood, metal, glass or whatever. This gives you the best ways to cut the pieces you need while reducing waste.


2D Guillotine Optimization Cuts are done from side to side. This feature is very useful for glass, wood, thermos,

After optimization, manually arrange the layout by moving, adding and deleting the mouse.

Every meter The way to enter data is common. No metric needed. Just select one metric in mind and enter all information only with that metric.

Fractional Input You can enter both real and fraction data in size 100 1/2. You can adjust the noise accuracy from the Settings menu. Do not confuse actual decimal values ​​(.) With fractions. Choose a style and stick to it.

Adjustable blade thickness – For diamond glass, blade thickness is 0, but larger thicknesses are required for woodworking and metalworking.

Adjustable limit for damaged parts No smaller waste size is set

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