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Welcome to Spores Create your own personal universe, a life that will inhabit it, drive evolution, shape tribes, establish civilizations and conquer others, and eventually find out in space that Wright is one of the most famous video game creators in history. . SimCiti, SimEarth, SimLife and Sims have just come out with their most famous creations. His games have been sold in millions of copies, and with each new game, Vright seems to exceed it (function () {(‘reviev-app-page-desktop’);}); This time Wright’s impressive creative vision was highlighted in particular: Spores. The game has been around for years and should be one of the most ambitious projects in the short but intense history of general conditions. Traces can be described as a life simulator, starting with a unicellular ocean, undergoing evolution! The natural nature, dominance of the earth and winning this game is a game that is so imaginative and fascinating that you can do just by trying!

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