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Assalamu Alaikom I am Hebatallah 44 years old mom of 4 kids , i am suffering from asthma since my childhood , but the issue was getting worst last four years and it become asthma and food allergy as well i was taking some inhalers but it was temporary medication , i searched a lot for good dr. till i found Dr.Shahid Abbas and read about his achievements and results in this field of medication.I started my medication with Dr.Shahid September 2017 it has been 4 months now since my first vaccine injections.The results started to show and improvement is there , My asthma and breath problems improvements 60% , my sneezing 50% improvement and skin food allergy also 50% improvement , some areas in my hands the itching and allergy has gone totally.I also now take my inhalers and antihistamine medicines rarely and not like before on regular bases .This improvements makes my life easier and better i hope i will reach to 100% improvement and live my life normal with my family. thank you Dr. Shahid for your care. Hebatallah Al Huneiti
Usama Shazadad
Assalamu Alaikom actually im patient of Asthma Allergy and i was come to DR.SHAHID ABBAS in 2017.Dr SHAHID is senior dr of pakistan and they treated me properly.With passage of time Now im feeling better and i was come after every two month for the checkup in short i want to say that now im completly alright. Thankyou
Noor Islam
Assalamu Alaikom I am Noor Islam from peshawer. i have been suffering from food and enviroment allergies. i was taking antibiotics every month probably sometime twice in a month for throat and nose infection. but now hardly i take antibiotic once a year. after having food , i could not breathe because of gastre problems, constipation and everyday headache. but since i start consulting DR. SHAHID ABBAD for my allergy problems. he started treatment and prepare oral vaccine which is comparatively easy to take. Now i feel recovered 80 to 90%. Thankyou
Umamat Faheem
Assalamu Alaikom I came to know about allergy centre from my cousin prior to visiting allergy center my daughter who was five years old at that time was had seviore condition. She use develope chest conjetion thorogh infection at least once a month therefore had to heavy antiotics almost every month once a year. since vaccination has slanked her response to treatment in very positive. Now she seldomly complain about running nose or so and normally with use of simple orinet syrup she recovers. i will recommend all parents whos kids are sufferuing from such condition may use this vaccination treatment. Thankyou
Muhammad Tahir
Assalamu Alaikom We found very big problem of my child allergy problem from his birth. We have tried a lot of doctors for this treatment but with time to time no full any improvement. When we start treatment from Allergy Asthma Center Islamabad Aug-16 Now we are satisfied and my child Muhammad Arqam Tahir is in very good condition And i suggest this treatment to all allergy patients, for this treatment and i also mentioned this, i informed other patient for this treatment in my family & friends. Thankyou
Sohail Siddique
Assalamu Alaikom sohail siddique from karachi had problems from 2 years before visiting Dr. Shahid and is now Better.
Ahmed Sohail
Assalamu Alaikom Ahmed Sohail was suffering from dry skin and flu 8 years before visiting Allergy and Asthma centre and is now Good.Satisfied from his immuno therapy.
Ayesha Noor
Assalamu Alaikom Ayesha Noor from chakwal came in with symptoms of dry skin and rashes. which she was suffering from 4 years prior to starting her treatment at allergy and asthma centre.she feels good now and is SATISFIED from her treatment.
Assalamu Alaikom Gulfam was 5 years old when he had pnemunia and after his pnemunia was cured, he still suffered from cough all this life, he feels much better after vaccination from Dr. Shahid Abbas and consider this a good treatment.
Zainab Aftab
Assalamu Alaikom Zainab Aftab from islamabad was suffering from sneezing, nasal irritation and running nose from 2 years before visiting allergy and asthma centre. Although her morning symptoms are still recurrent she likes the fact that other than SLIT THERAPY, She doesnot need to take any additional tablets, which is very helpful.
Hurait Nigar
Assalamu Alaikom Hurait Nigar from sawat is continuing her immuno-therapy from allergy and asthma centre as she feels her symptoms like facial swelling, itchy eyes and frequent sneezing are a lot better now which she had from past 7 years before visiting the clinic.
Assalamu Alaikom Zainab from islamabad had nayfever and lipswelling along with recurrent flu, She feels a lot better now. Her experience with this treatment is going good and she barely has any symptoms left. She is getting well day by day and continue to visit allergy and asthma centre for follow-ups.
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