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Instant messaging and secure applications The Telegram is an instant messaging that focuses on speed and security and is a great alternative to WhatsApp. Telegrams supports group chat with up to 200 contacts, puts a strong emphasis on security and provides many multimedia support.

High level of privacy and security One of the main focuses of Telegram is security and privacy compared to WhatsApp. For example, Telegrams include something called ‘Secret Chat’ – an encrypted chat connection that destroys SnapChat’s own messages and prevents others from intercepting it. There are also self-destruction options that will destroy your entire account if you do not log in long (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);)); it’s security that initially attracted users to Telegram, and whatsApp is now owned by Facebook is likely to improve that. The developers also claim that they do not sell or share user data, no ads in the app, and yet are free to use.

Also send files with good multimedia support with up to 100 people and this allows sharing of all types of files, though you may find uploading and downloading is slow. You can send a bunch of photos, not just one, and you can save as many photos as you want, because Telegram allows WhatsApp to be unlimited online, but Telegram also supports leaving voicemail even if you don’t use apps like Skype, make voice calls in reality.

An excellent alternative to WhatsApp Telegram is a free alternative to WhatsApp, which offers more security, very attractive suggestions. Benefits: Support group chat, file sharing, Send photo group, “Snapchat” secret chat, higher level of privacy than WhatsApp, including voicemail: small user base over WhatsApp, voicemail support, but no voice calls

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