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Free software to replace abbreviations with text Like text with a standard mobile device, there may be cases where the text needs to be replaced with default abbreviations or abbreviations. A common example is the ability to translate “ttyl” into “talk to you later”. This Lifehacker Code Texter is great, easy to use software that you should keep in mind. It can run on standard operating systems and can only be installed on Does it work? Lifehacker Code Texter allows you to specify so-called “hot chains”. These are the default abbreviations (like the ones listed above). When such passages are written in a general document, the phrase to which they are related will appear. This saves you a lot of time when writing multiple emails or when a certain text string has to appear in many cases in one ((function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Other simple features Lifehacker Code Texter offers additional options to enjoy. For example, a new active string can be quickly identified using the Ctrl-Shift-H function. If necessary, you can replace or modify existing text strings. The contents of the clipboard can also be specified with a simple click of a button.

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