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The Forest

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You are the only survivor of a devastating plane crash and you are trapped in a large mysterious forest inhabited by mutant cannibals. By using your mind to stay alive and thrive, or a first-person simulator with a very large simulation, you enter a realistic world where trees and plants can be used to your advantage. There is a maze of underground cave and lake networks to explore. Build a camp or fire by cutting down trees. Look for food so you don’t starve. Build anything from a small hiding place to a large fortress by the ocean. Protect the perimeter by planting traps and other fangs. Use it during the day to build and explore, and be prepared and be vigilant at night. Put down your tools and weapons and keep attacking your enemies. Can you win the battle against the fearsome cannibal mutant tribe (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Realistic and frightening survival, this game is very sophisticated, with stunning graphics, amazing performance, and amazing sound effects. Mutant cannibals are well developed with a high level of depth. Unlike some games where enemies only attack, they seem to plan and carry out their movements with greater complexity.

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