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The Wife 2017

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The woman issues her life choices, such as her trip to Stockholm with her husband, where she is scheduled to get the Nobel Prize in literature.

Director: Bhrn Runge (IF Bjonn L Runge) Authors: Jane Anderson (screenplay), Meg Wolitzer (based on the novel “Woman” ON) stars: Glen Close, Jonathan Pritche, Max Iron

For any big man, there’s always a big woman and you’re going to meet her. Joan Castleman (Glen Close): Very intelligent and still amazing beauty-perfect dedicated woman. 40 years spent sacrificing his talents, dreams, and the ambition of the fan flame of his charismatic husband Joe (Jonathan Pride) and his literary career vertiginándose. He ignores his indecision and excuses through his “art” with grace and humour. His fatal pact has a marriage built upon an unequal commitment. And it reaches its point of infringement. On the eve of Nobel Prize-winning Joe for literature, Crown Pearl in an impressive body of work, the knockout Joan de Grace to withstand the greatest sacrifice of his life and the secret of his career.

Inspired by True history, the good news is a sincere comedy about the recently convicted EX-convict (Kevin Hart) who is striking an unusual and unlikely friendship with a crippled billionaire (Brian Cranston).

After almost 40 years of marriage, Joan and Joe Castleman (Glen Close and Jonathan Pride) are a compliment. Where Joe is casual, Joan is elegant. of Joe Honor sighs, Joan Jackson. And he pours where Joe enjoys his public role as a great American writer, Joan of his considerable intelligence, grace, charm and diplomacy in the private role of a great female male. Joe is awarded the Nobel Prize for his rewarding and fruitful body of work. Joes literary Star because he and Joan met for the first time at the end of 1950 shone. A woman interweaves a story about a couple of young passions and ambitions with a portrait of marriage, Thirty years later – a joint commitment for life, secrets, treachery and mutual love.

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