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Timez Attack

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Help students learn multiplication with Timez Attack Timez Attack is an educational game that helps children learn and memorize their multiplication tables. This is a 3D adventure game with third parties that invites students to lead their hero / dinosaur / green dinosaur through a dangerous fantasy world. Along the way, they must quickly solve multiplication puzzles with growing problems to continue. Everything from unlocking doors to boss fights is dominated by multiplication. Most educational games are simple subjects, just math exercises, without softening the game. Timez Attack, on the other hand, is a very luxurious production, certainly by the standards of educational games. The characters are beautifully designed and the environment is detailed and well designed. Sure, it’s not suitable for most AAA titles – and it shows a bit of its age – but it’s still an attractive environment for young players. The game is simple and the different math challenges have enough mechanical variety not to repeat themselves. The soundtrack is happy, but not memorable. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Top or its class If you are looking for an educational game to help your pupils or your children become familiar with the timetable, Timez Attack is a good choice. It’s poignant enough not to be boring, but it does contain a solid core of math content that is really helpful in improving student performance.

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