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Allergy is genetically transmitted disease which progresses both in severity and frequency with time and in spite of all the antiallergics, steroids, Antileukotrienes anti IgE monoclonal antibody treatment the disease becomes severer and severer with time. These are only symptomatic treatment which relieves the symptoms of allergy temporarily and not treating the cause since immune diseases cannot be treated with routine medicines. Since allergy is immune disease it must be treated with SPECIFIC IMMUNOTHERAPY which has to be specific and targeted to treat the cause of allergies. Dr.Shahid strongly believes that if you treat the symptoms of allergic diseases with routine medicines or donot treat atall the result is the same and that is the disease progresses both in severity and frequency and the patient becomes sicker and sicker and spends huge money for years without real improvement. BUT IF YOU TREAT THE CAUSE OF THE ALLERGIC DISEASES THEN PATIENT IMPROVES, GETS BETTER AND BETTER AND IMPROVEMENT IS LASTING WITH MUCH LESSER COST AS COMPARED TO MEDCINES OVE TIME.

Benefits of our Treatment

Be Virtually Free of Dependence on the Routine Medicines.

Normally several medicines are prescribed to treat allergic diseases, but all these medicines treat the symptoms and not the cause. If treated symptomatically the relief is temporary and continuous medicines have to be prescribed with all the side effects and complications of medicines which are chemicals. To treat the side effects more medicines are prescribed thus patient becomes sicker and sicker and treatment cost is increased tremendously.

There are three main benefits. The following example will make it clear. Let us assume you have headaches.  If we can find the cause of your asthma and treat the cause, what will happen to your asthma? This will go away.

So the first benefit is: Getting Rid of Your Symptoms

When your asthma is gone, what will happen to your drug use? You are right-this will go down too. So the second benefit will be: Getting Rid of Your Medicines/Drugs. Who wants drugs when there is treatment of the cause with immunotherapy which is alternative!

When your asthma is gone and drug use has gone down, what will happen to your visits to physicians, pharmacies and emergency room etc? Obviously dependence on them will be reduced. You will be a free person — free of symptoms — free of drugs — virtually free of dependence on the medical system.

What will happen to your expenses? These will go down too!

What will happen to quality of health? It will improve too.

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Allergy like any other disease has Cause and its Effect. We will call the effect of disease as symptoms of disease. So, either one treats CAUSE or SYMPTOMS of a disease.  For example, a person has headache after eating egg then egg is cause of allergy to egg while headache is a symptom. If we treat with aspirin, it is treatment of the symptom. Headache will temporarily improve but will return after some time so you give aspirin again and again. His headache is not due to deficiency of aspirin in his body, it is due to allergy to egg. So treating with aspirin will cause hyper acidity or gastritis and even gastric bleeding but allergy will stay. But if we treat the cause of his allergy, which is egg, then he will get rid of his headache without side-effects and financial stress. I will give another example about exposure to pollens or dust causing asthma in a patient. So allergy to pollens or dust is the cause and the symptom is breathlessness or asthma. Now if we treat the asthma symptomatically with bronchodilators and steroids, every time the disease will progress with time and he will need more and more medicines every time, leading to accumulation of chemicals in body and weak immune system and huge continuous financial stress on family of the patient. Since the patient does not have asthma due to deficiency of these medicines. He has asthma due to disease of his immune system which has started reacting to pollens or dust. So for immediate improvement of his symptoms of asthma, the cause should be diagnosed and immune system treated so that it stops reacting. SO, IF YOU TREAT THE SYMPTOMS, THE PATIENT IS CONTINUOUSLY SPENDING LARGE AMOUNTS ON MEDICINES AND STILL GETS SICKER AND SICKER. WHILE, IF YOU TREAT THE CAUSE OF THE DISEASE THE PATIENT SPENDS MUCH LESSER MONEY AND GETS RID OF THE DISEASE

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