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TreeView is a program for displaying and printing phylogenies. The program reads most of the NEXUS tree files (such as those created by PAUP and COMPONENT) and files with PHYLIP-like trees (including those created by fastDNAml and CLUSTALW). The program supports the opening of drag and drop files. When TreeView starts, you can open the tree file by dragging the file to the interface (for example, using File Manager or XTree for Windows). Files with trees with up to 500 final taxis are read by developers, but the number of trees is limited by the amount of space available for your function. () ({(‘Review-page-page-desktop)’);}); When opening, TreeView displays a tree in the tree window. The status bar displays the name of the tree. If the tree contains more than one tree, you can use the Previous and Next buttons to search among the trees in the file. TreeView is one of the few programs that lets you use the Select Tree command to select phylogenetic programs to help you organize and view your files.

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