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USBDeview provides you with information about all USB devices you use, not only those you are currently using, but also about all devices that you have connected to your computer at any given time. You can see a list of all USB devices, including not only the device name, but also a brief description, device type, and serial number. Other details in the list include when the device was last used, whether it is currently connected and whether it can be safely removed ((function () {(“desktop application review”);}); The USBDeview movie menu contains interaction options with USB devices, such as turning them on or off and switching off all devices at once, is fully customized, meaning you can choose which columns you want to see in the interface or you can only export the information in HTML, USBDeview will have all the necessary information about which USB device you are using or have used, in which the “USB version” column shows the version of the USB device, this column is only active when the “Take power and USB version” option is enabled The “USB version” column that shows the version on the USB device, it changes, this column is only active when “Get power and USB version” is on

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