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Virtual DJ Studio

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Virtual DJ Studio is a piece of software that was designed for desktop computers such as PCs and laptops. It allows you to run your own DJ gig and your own Karaoke gig. One novelty function is that it also has a downloadable app that allows other people to give song requests. The software is full of features for professional and semi-professional DJs and Karaoke developers have tried to make it easy to useCompared to professional DJ programs, it is fair to say that the Virtual DJ Studio is easier to use. The developers have tried their best to dull down the overwhelmed feeling that people get when they first see DJ software. The aim of the software is to provide people with a studio full of functions in one easy package. With the Virtual studio, you get a mixer board interface with all the things you would normally expect on a mixing board. In addition, each line has a Karaoke player with similar controls you would expect on a Karaoke (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Ideally suited for strong intermediates and expertsDespite the option of a free trial, this is really not a piece of software you should play around with if you are not already competent with DJ software. The features and functions are meaningless to most of the lay community. The fact that the Virtual DJ Studio also doubles over as a Karaoke program is more of an added bonus. You may add all your songs in as MP3 files with corresponding .CDG files, and your listeners may sing along during Karaoke sessions. The downloadable app is also a nice novelty perk since it allows listeners to suggest their songs without having to walk up to the DJ and ask in about Virtual DJ Studio

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