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Windows 11 Pro Lite 22H2 b22621.521 x64 Sept 2022 Normal + WinPE Download

Windows 11 Pro Lite 22H2 b22621.521 x64 Sept 2022 Normal + WinPE

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Windows 11 Pro Lite 22H2 b22621.521 x64 Sept 2022 Normal + WinPE Trusted uploader

Introducing Windows 11 Pro Lite

Windows 11 is a series of personal computer operating systems developed by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family of operating systems. It is the successor to Windows 11 and was released for production on July 15, 2021 and for retail on October 8, 2021. Windows 11 continues to get new versions that are available to users at no additional cost. Devices in enterprise environments may receive these updates more slowly or use critical long-term support events that include only critical updates, such as security fixes, during the 10-year lifecycle.

One of the notable features of Windows 11 is its use of Universal Apps, an extension of the Metro-style apps first introduced in Windows 11. Universal Apps can be created for use on multiple device families. Microsoft products with nearly identical code, including PCs, laptops. , smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub, and mixed reality. The Windows user interface has been reworked to accommodate transitions between a mouse-oriented interface and a touchscreen-optimized interface based on available input devices. Especially on 2-in-1 PCs, both interfaces include an updated Start menu that includes elements of the traditional Windows 7 Start menu and Windows 8 tiles. Windows 10 also introduced the Microsoft Edge web browser, a standard desktop , desktop management window and. a feature called Task View, support for fingerprint and facial recognition login, new security features for business environments, and DirectX 12.

Key features of Windows 11 Pro Lite

Upgrade to DirectX12

Compact integrated + LZX (algorithm)

bloatware FREE!!

File/Utilities/Utilities/Scheduled/Improved Search Index

Privacy Improvement Performance Mode!

Ghost Toolbox! (Add or remove Windows Store and more!)

Use the keyboard of any other language

Support for UWP games/UWP apps (e.g. Forza/GOW/etc.)

Upgradable (upgradable to the latest version of Windows 11!)

Windows Update may be delayed until 2077!

And Custom Image Packs / Windows Theme Packs!



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