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WWE 2K15

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The contender for WWE’s first (and only) title on PCWWE 2K15 has finally arrived at PC, having been in the fight since October last year. The computer version adds all of the game’s content to the package, making it worthwhile. But what about? Delays in production have destroyed the appeal of this port?

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WWE fans will probably know the story behind this game. The hope was that with 2K Game now on board, this policy would change in the long run. Recent animation styles, sounds and behaviors were at the heart of this list of renovations.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case WWE fans got. Instead, 2K Games was sold in Visual Concepts (developers of their NBA titles) to provide a good game and face lift but left small errors. The result is a game that looks good until it starts playing. Now I don’t get it as bad as WWE 2K15 still plays like WWE 2K14, the problem is that fans have come to expect more.

Like I said, the new configuration does not add any new game twists that might suggest future modifications can take. This includes a police technician (usually only seen at the end of the war), who has engaged you in a paper-style scissors game. This is followed by a weak interaction with the right stick getting a sweet touch faster than your opponent, which creates a nice close tension. It looks great if you happen to be a spectator but as a player you get a chance to win to lose a lot of water from there and that creates this.

From there, it is business as usual. Similar strikes, strikes, roof mechanics are all in play and still require a patient moment in which to keep fans aware and loved. This usually works well against an opponent and you who create speed and control the speed of a match.


However, it does not take long to begin to see the problem. Being out of your position has Super Star spinning in power, while fighting more than one opponent often leads you to a bad competitor. Sometimes it’s just an inconvenience, but if you get stuck and shut down another competitor, it can be a game of losing disgust.

My real complaint about the WWE 2K15 load area comes from what is missing in this version during 2K14, or the early release of the cone.

2K14 presented a campaign that featured the 29-year-old Wrestlemaina player in preparation for Wrestlemania 30. This year the situation has been altered by two rival stories: The Fall of the Xs, and Cena and the CMs exploding. This works well if you’re a fan of any of these characters, but it misses the fact of last year’s game, resulting in a weak solo experience. Fortunately, if you’re playing alone, the active mode that takes you through WWE’s NXT development ranks does just that.

Another option that is completely absent from WWE 2K 15 is the narrator. While I rarely get tired of this myself, I will see the creativity of others fail (until at least society puts their hands on it).

My final problem with WWE 2K15 is that the stories in the time since it came quiet have gone too far. So the characters in the game look stupid compared to their current position. TakeCesaro, who scores an average of 93 (one of the highest in the game) but was unlucky in the team divisiontag by Tyson Kid. One side of this is that CM Punk is still keeping fans of the trouble-free fans thinking, this is probably the last time they have appeared in a WWE sports column.

A B + player

WWE 2K15 The biggest sin is that it took a bad turn during the first half. I suspect that fans would be more pleased with the photos from previous years, and more efforts were added to the drawings and modes. This makes it the same game as last year – it just looks better. That said, maybe next year will see 2K Games commit to continuing the way they started. The new show’s website could go a long way toward breathing life into models already seen at this year’s game.

And maybe next year we might also see a PC version released faster. Please?

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