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XML Viewer is a tool by MindFusion that makes examining an XML files contents fairly easy and & CustomisationThe software download file is compact and small, which means it wont take too much of your computer storage or memory. To constantly improve and enrich the user-experience, MindFusion comes up with new features for the tool time and again. The existing version has been rewritten completely to provide additional features to its users. For instance, the XML trees colours can now be changed at will. The XML nodes now support bookmarks, wrapping, and line numbers. Moreover, the loading process has been optimised, which means large files can be analysed and presented quickly. Also, the XML can be modified in multiple ways such as deleting and inserting nodes and also deleting and adding attributes to current (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Popularity and SupportXML Viewer is one of the most reliable and trusted choices to view XML files, according to both business and individual users. MindFusion is a credible name in the software industry, and its product XML Viewer has been around for quite some time. In fact, it sees several hundred downloads almost on a daily basis and is regarded by its users among the best. This support by the user community could be primarily attributed to the uncompromising performance offered. And the fact that, MindFusion offers the tool free for non-commercial usage is a huge bonus. Businesses are given a lifetime license for $10 for every copy, which is again quite inexpensive.

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