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XYLIO Future DJ Pro 1 64bit Baby Face Free Download Torrent

XYLIO Future DJ Pro 1

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The future DJ Pro has a state-of-the-art professional DJ equipment that meets the needs of professional and aspiring DJs. pro can be easily used for all types of DJs, from DJ bedrooms who like to create their own mashup works and mix the comfort of their own home to club DJs and club / DJ mobile phones and other live games occurrence conditions. With an impressive range of high-quality and convenient services, your own creative flow is not hindered by your own creativity.

Features of the upcoming Pro Pro:

– Waveform visualization gives you real-time beep tracking, beep information and track. Each table has three changes. The vertical rotation takes place next to each other, so you can visually see the delicate parts of the pieces.

– Mashup songs, slide shows or karaoke and make it easy to edit songs. Thanks to the intuitive format and the simple services of the most advanced audio and video engines, you can achieve any complexity of the mix. You can also relax and use Automix for the whole party by activating the powerful Automix function.

– It allows you to directly detect BPM with high accuracy, so you can sync and switch between layers at once. The smart sync feature ensures that when you press the sync button, your device syncs with another.

– You can configure a more advanced sound system with inputs and outputs 8. You can use a microphone or lights and CD players. Watch / listen to all headgear and samples in advance. Adjust the gain and balance or adjust the volume of each cover. You can view the signal strength by looking at the vehicle unit gauge.

– You can define sewing threads immediately by setting entry and exit tips. Save and remember the loops in the same way you can give tips. Post a loop to one of the eight test spots. The loops are also compatible with other coatings, allowing for a sewing experience.

– Use and mix different sound effects and screens (Cutoff, Flanger, Echo, Beat Waw, Reverse, Bit Crusher, Autopan, Robot Delay, Tremolo, LP HP filters), adjust their parameters. In fact, it tastes like your mixture and takes it to a new level.

– Watch the video mixture on an external monitor, projector, or television. Apply video effects and transitions. You can review each video disc or individual video mix.

– Create realistically adjustable effects, such as rotate, blink, reverse, play, break, rotate, set modified tips, and even rotate and rotate effects. To achieve this, you can use a hardware controller (and loop) or a turntable (using an advanced vinyl engine in a timely manner). The mouse also works if you want to use regular loops or waveforms.

– A browser, current list, and page list are available to search, organize, and play songs. You can search, review, and analyze stories right away. Filter by type (audio, video, karaoke), logo and color. Most file formats are supported for audio, video, and karaoke.

– The full mix of music can be locked (basic tempo) or change your favorite key to not only accept but also the key. The app even detects a song / video button to make eye blur easier.

– 8 player play that you can use to play loops or jeeps. You can listen to them early, select a loop or sync, set filters, and changetempo.

the world’s best DJ layout with 2 or 4 covers, a mix of to-do lists and playlists

contain different parts of the skin (skin) and a 2/4 version of the cover

full manual or automatic troubleshooting (right-click)

save your mix to MP3, WAV or AIFF files

submit your mix (Icecast support)

Pulse Locker Integration (access to millions of songs)


Rendering of a separate title and previewing the song

high quality voice transmission (with inputs and outputs)

3-band EQ + benefits for each channel (including microphone)

high quality direct mixing as well as cue / in-out

analog / disc players / CD players with microphone input, chat-More

state-of-the-art support for external combinations

ASIO / CoreAudio / WASAPI low quality support

Strong bank sample 8 (sample) that can be synchronized with the lid

Video Video

video conflicts (including audio, pause, cancel, video start)

Video effects and transitions

SD and Full HD compatible (works on both 720p and 1080p / 1080i)

Preview video covers aside

karaoke CDG (cdg + mp3, zip) support

karaoke List of the following singers

mixed video recording MP4 / MPG (beta)

External controller, MIDI, timers

more than 80 rulers support nature (zero configuration): Akai, Akiyama, Voice of America, Beamz, Behringer, Beyond Music, Denon, Faderfox, Gemini, Hercules, M-Audio, November, Numark, PCDJ, Reloop, Pioneer, Stanton, Vestax, Zomo

Vinyl / CD timely support (full + relative types)

connect and use up to 8 MIDI / HID devices at a time

MIDI text with HID controllers

Additional MIDI learning provides functions / switches and fx parameters


automatic BPM detection (grid) and batch function

seamless loops and hot loops, AutoCue

automatically detects the key (with a combined sieve)

vinyl track, scratch, sound, play, break

raise the level of achievement / major improvement

drag points + loops + mix in / up tips for track positions

direct benefits

pierced / followed / barrel (seamless path)

upload the whole story to RAM for quick use

Key lock (MasterTempo) with on / off switch, slow sound loss


cut through and through filters

built-in BPM effects: Flanger, Echo, Phaser, Reference, BeatWaw, Pan, Tremolo, etc.

X-Y sound effects

Level 3 VST support and AudioUits (AU) effects

Media collection

browsing system with unlimited list, disk search, database, preferences; holds one million copies

lists can be displayed in two separate sections: default setting (including album art) or list mode (tables)

Pulse Locker Integration (access to millions of songs)

ITunes browser integration

instant song search

Audio / video / karaoke filters

Photo album

color markers determine the characters in the list

you are looking for / importing files / folders back

CD support sound in Win / Mac (cognitive CD loading / loading)

supported audio files: mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, ogg, cda, flac or, wma

supported video files: m4v, mpg, avi, flv, mp4, mov, mkv, wmv

used karaoke files: cdg + mp3, wav + cdg, cdg zip

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